Bill Ranford
aaaaa 1990 Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup Finals Game Worn Home Jersey
Player: Bill Ranford
Team: Edmonton Oilers_______Style: Home Jersey
Manufacturer: CCM_______Material: Airknit
Tagging: Manfufacture's tag with size in the neck - verify
Year: 1990_______Set: SCF_______Size: verify
Patches: 1990 Stanley Cup Finals
Acquired From: Meigray; Team letter
Photomatched: Yes
Description: Unbelievable jersey from the 1990 Cup Finals vistory over the Bruins worn by Conn Smythe Trophy winner Bill Ranford. The jersey shows light to moderate wear with typical Ranford pilling at the cuffs and hem. Best of all the the two puck marks above the finals patch are video matched to game 4.
aaaa 1989-90 Tampa Bay Lightning Game Worn Road Jersey
Player: Bill Ranford
Team: Tampa Bay Lightning_______Style: Road
Manufacturer: Sandow SK_______Material: Mesh
Tagging: Manfufacture's tag and size fly tag in the neck
Year: 1998-99_______Set: N/A_______Size: verify
Patches: 1999 NHL All-Star Game
Acquired From: another collector
Photomatched: No
Description: This jersey show light to moderate wear with several visible puck marks on the white part of the jersey. There are also marks visible on the blakc if held up to the light. The jersey shows good pilling at the hem and light pilling at the sleeves. The All-Star patch adorns the right breast. The jersey was purchased from a respected forum member.