Mike Palmateer
aaaaa 1980-81 Washington Capitals Game Worn Road Jersey
Player: Mike Palmateer
Team: Washington Capitals_______Style: Road Jersey
Manufacturer: Sandow SK_______Material: Durene
Tagging: Manufacturer tag in neck
Year: 1980-83 _______Set: backup_______Size: 48
Patches: none
Acquired From: another collector, originally from Keith Parker
Photomatched: No
Description: This jersey comes from a set of Sandow Capitals jerseys that no one is sure when they were worn. Ketih Parker, the Caps trainer at the top says that they were used in a preseason tournament oversees and as a backup set during the course of a season or two. The jersey shows some wear and shows evidence of being washed several times. So far I haven't seen any photo evidence of these being worn in a game.