Andy Moog
aaaaa 1982-83 Edmonton Oilers Game Worn Road Jersey
Player: Andy Moog
Team: Edmonton Oilers_______Style: Road Jersey
Manufacturer: Nike_______Material: Mesh
Tagging: Manufacturer tag in neck
Year: 1982-83_______Set: n/a_______Size: L
Patches: Universiade '83
Acquired From: Meigray; Team letter
Photomatched: No
Description: This Moog jersey from his true rookie season shows moderate wear. The sleeves have been shortened. More details to come.
aaaaa 1990 Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Finals Game Worn Road Jersey
Player: Andy Moog
Team: Boston Bruins_______Style: Road Jersey
Manufacturer: CCM______Material: Airknit
Tagging: verify
Year: 1990_______Set: Playoffs_______Size: verify
Patches: Stanley Cup Finals
Acquired From: another collector
Photomatched: Yes
Description: This grear Moog jersey is from the 1990 Stanley Cup Finals against the Oilers. The jersey has been matched to images of Moog from the Stanley Cup finals. More details to follow.