Al Montoya
aaaaa 2006 New York Rangers Preseason Game Worn Home Jersey from 1st NHL game in Puerto Rico
Player: Al Montoya
Team: New York Rangers_______Style: Home Jersey
Manufacturer: RBK_______Material: Airknit
Tagging: Crosby's, size, and care tags in neck
Year: 2006-07 _______Set: Preseason - Puerto Rico_______Size: 58G
Patches: Puerto Rico Flag
Acquired From: Meigray, Team Letter.
Photomatched: no
Description: The Rangers played the Panthers for a preseason game in Puerto Rico for the first NHL game outside of the North America, Japan or Europe. Both teams wore jerseys with the Puerto Rican flag on the shoulder. Al Montoya, the bright Rangers prospect, wore this jersey in the game, which he started and won, 3-2. The jersey shows really light wear with very minor pilling and couple very faint marks. Everything is sewn on like the regualr season jerseys except the name is screened on a nameplate which is sewn on the jersey.
aaaaa 2004-05 University of Michigan Game Worn White Jersey
Player: Al Montoya
Team: Michigan Wolverines_______Style: Home Jersey
Manufacturer: Nike_______Material: Dazzle Cloth
Tagging: Nike tag in neck
Year: 2004-05 _______Set: n/a_______Size: 62G
Patches: none
Acquired From: eBay
Photomatched: photo reference
Description: This jersey from Rangers's draft pick, Al Montoya, was worn during his junior season, his final year at Michigan. He wore the assistant captain A that season. The jersey shows moderate wear with nice puck marks visible of the front and sleeves.
aaaaa 2011-12 New York Islanders Game Worn Road Jersey
Player: Al Montoya
Team: New York Islanders_______Style: Road Jersey
Manufacturer: Reebok_______Material: Airknit
Tagging: Tagging in neck, team set tag in hem
Year: 2011-12 _______Set: 2_______Size: 58G
Patches: Islanders 40th Anniversary
Acquired From: New York Islanders
Photomatched: yes
Description: This Islanders jersey shows decent wear, with a couple nice marks. The Islanders 40th Anniversary patch adorns the right shoulder.