Pelle Lindbergh
aaaaa 1983-84 Philadelphia Flyers Game Worn Home Jersey
Player: Pelle Lindbergh
Team: Philadelphia Flyers_______Style: Home Jersey
Manufacturer: CCM_______Material: Heavy Mesh
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Year: 1983-84_______Set: n/a_______Size: n/a
Patches: none
Acquired From: another collecter, Meigray Vintage LOA
Photomatched: video reference
Description: Beautiful home jersey from Pelle's second full season in the NHL. The jersey shows light wear, with a handful of puck and stick marks visible. There is a nice repair on the orange stripping of the right sleeve. The screen shots of the similar alignment of the nameplate and angling of the numbers are from a game on 3/22/1984.
1985 Vezina Trophy Winner