Ron Hextall
aaaaa 1991-92 Philadelphia Flyers Game Worn Road Jersey
Player: Ron Hextall
Team: Philadelphia Flyers_______Style: Road Jersey
Manufacturer: CCM_______Material: Maska Airknit
Tagging: Manufacturer tag in neck
Year: 1991-92 _______Set: 1_______Size: 54G
Patches: 1992 NHL All-Star Game; NHL 75th Anniversary
Acquired From: Stu Oxenhorn
Photomatched: Yes
Description: The Flyers wore these jerseys with the All-Star patch on the road for the first half of the season, making them hard to find.  The mark on the crest in the photo above can be matched to the picture of Hextall on his 1992 Topps card, though it's hard to tell from this scan, it 's more obvious in person. The sleeves on this jersey have been custom shortened by being cut roughly. the jerseys shows light wear with a few good marks visible.
1987 Vezina Trophy Winner