Byron Dafoe
aaaaa 1995-96 L.A. Kings Game Worn Alternate Jersey
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Player: Byron Dafoe
Team: L.A. Kings_______Style: "Burger King" Alternate Jersey
Manufacturer: CCM______Material: Sublimated Airknit
Tagging: Verify. Team set tag in hem.
Year: 1995-6 _______Set: 1_______Size: confirm
Patches: Bruins 75th Anniversary
Acquired From: another collector
Photomatched: Yes
Description: A fantastically rare and dubious "Burger King" alternate goalie jersey worn by Byron Dafoe. The Kings wore these jerseys for only 8 games ever and Dafoe played in 5 of them, with Hrudey playing the other 3. The Kings weren't very successful in them and they weren't particuallry popular with the players, and they quickly faded into extiction. The jersey features light but distinct wear, with 5 or six puck marks visible and a small unrepaired hole on the front. There is light pilling at the neck and sleeves.
aaaaa 1998-99 Boston Bruins Game Worn Alternate Jersey
Player: Byron Dafoe
Team: Boston Bruins_______Style: Alternate Jersey
Manufacturer: Starter_______Material: Airknit
Tagging: Manufacturer tags (x2) and size tag sewn into neck
Year: 1998-99 _______Set: 1_______Size: confirm
Patches: Bruins 75th Anniversary
Acquired From: another collector, Team letter
Photomatched: No
Description: Great patched Bruins jersey from a formidable goalie, this jersey shows great wear with an amazing repair on the front. As seems to be the case with Dafoe jerseys, there is great pilling at the cuff of his glove hand as well as at the next.