Dan Cloutier
aaaaa 1998-99 New York Rangers Game Worn White Liberty Jersey
Player: Dan Cloutier
Team: New York Rangers_______Style: White Liberty Jersey
Manufacturer: Starter_______Material: Mesh
Tagging: Manufacturer and size tag in neck; Meigray and Rangers set tag in hem
Year: 1998-99_______Set: 2______Size: 58-G
Patches: none
Acquired From: Meigray; Rangers documentation
Photomatched: No
Description: Dan Cloutier was drafted 26th overall by the Rangers and wore this rare White Liberty jersey while with the team. The jersey show surprisingly good use, with many puck marks evident throughout. It is manufactured by Starter, and these jerseys tend to get beat up quicker. The set 2 Liberty jerseys have 2 color lettering in the names because the 3 color lettering on set 1 was difficult to read.